Your Laudato Si’ crash course

The Pope’s latest encyclical, Laudato Si’ (or “Be Praised”), sparked a theological debate between Catholics, Protestants, and even many non-Christians about the environment, climate change, and the global market economy.

The papal letter isn’t for a quick read over your morning cup-o-joe. The pdf version from the Vatican’s website is 184 pages cover to cover, so I’ve rounded up the best videos and commentary on the web to get you up to speed on the eco-encyclical discussion. Consider this  your Laudato Si’ crash course.

Father Barron hits the highlights of Laudato Si’.

Dr. Samuel Gregg on the strengths and weaknesses of the eco-encyclical:

Though papal encyclicals are one of the most authoritative statements a pope can issue, the positions expressed are not a declaration of Catholic Church doctrine. This leaves a lot of room for debate!

What do you think about Laudato Si’?

*Originally published at the IFWE blog.


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